“Dad , I ‘m in love with a Spanish ,” said Cristina Onassis. The Greek heiress had not the courage to make your confession face to face , so the phone did . Within hours , her father , Aristotle Onassis, the world’s most powerful man landed in Madrid for the suitor of his only daughter. ” Ari , who spoke perfect Spanish , he asked me what my intentions were with Cristina , and I replied that I had no ” recalls Carlos Falco (76 years ) to ABC . At the time he was 30 and was already divorced from Jeannine Girod , she was just 20 and had not yet tasted the bitterness of heartbreak . ” That was the beginning of our friendship. He had great confidence in me, ” says the Marquis de Grinyon , which many point as” the one great love “of Cristina .

Young Onassis , who died on November 19, 1988 at age 37, met Falco during a hunt in the Montes de Toledo in which several members of the Niarchos and Onassis were the two great clans Greek shipping industry . Cristina , who was accompanied by her mother , Athina Livanos , could not take his eyes off Grinyon . ” I knew she was in love with me, but no amo5r reciprocated . I never told her, but she understood that we could not be together. Instead , we were great friends and we made many trips to Los Angeles , St. Moritz and London. The media always portrayed as a sad girl, but at short distances was lovely and had a great sense of humor. Despite receiving an international education , was very Greek , very warm , “reveals Falco, who after his break with Girod enjoyed a decade of bachelorhood before marrying his second wife , Isabel Preysler .

A few months after the Marquis explain to Ari Onassis had no intention that his daughter, Cristina married her first husband, Joseph Bolker American . Then come other three Greek Alexandros Andreadis , Russian Sergei Kauzov and French Thierry Roussel ¬ – and a long list of ill-assorted romances.

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